Sony prime shoot out. 35mm vs 20mm

The 35mm vs 20mm is a battle as old as photography nerds have been duking it out. When doing street photography, do you fall more into the Henri Cartier-Bresson camp? He used a 50mm, more of a longer prime for a straighter, portrait-like look. Or are you more of a Garry Winogrand? Are you shooting up close, in peoples faces? His 28mm got up close and personal, it sometimes distorted is subjects and brought out the grotesque.

Two of Sony’s starter primes aim to let you make this decision yourself. Their 35mm is about a 50mm equivalent and the 20mm comes to roughly a 30mm equivalent. The 35mm has a huge aperture at 1.8f, this makes it a good all-rounder. It would be great at street photography as well as something to shoot the fam with. The 20mm has a slightly smaller aperture at 2.8f, but it’s tiny stature will make you virtually invisible when shooting. You’ll be a wolf in a point-and-shoot’s clothing.

Check out some shots from flickr here on Lens vs. Lens and make the decision for yourself.