New lens make alert! Pentax, Sigma, Tamron, Olympus

When we launched lens vs lens, we got a little burned by the reviewers who complained that our lens make selection was too thin. I took it as constructive criticism and started in gathering the next group of lens brands I had slated to add to Lens vs. Lens.


Starting off, the lens manufacturer with the biggest fan base by far was Pentax. Not only were the commenters in the review articles huge Pentax fans, but I had people emailing me directly asking to add Pentax! These are some really loyal fans and I’m really pleased that I can let them compare Pentax lenses on Lens vs Lens.

Search Pentax Lenses


I’m a huge fan of the new Art series from Sigma. They are beautifully made and make amazing images, and at a price that waay undercuts the big boys. I’m so happy to finally add them to the line up.

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Tamron has been my go to third party lens manufacturer since I bought my first Canon. They make great lenses that are rock solid! Check out this blog post about comparing your current big name lenses with some third party options.

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The Olympus OM and Pen series bodies are so dead sexy and scratch all of my street photography needs. I’m both excited that I can search through their lens lineup on Lens vs Lens and a little frightened that I might jump on the Oly bandwagon and start buying gear.

Search Olympus Lenses

Hope everyone enjoys the new lens makes.