We just launched lens vs lens!

Lens vs. Lens is an app that allows you to compare different kinds lenses and filter photos pulled from flickr by aperture and focal length. I found that when I was geeking out and trying to find out which lens to buy I would search through pools on flickr to try and get a gauge for what a regular, non-pro photographer like me would expect from the lens. Lens reviews are great to a certain extent, but I don’t find that photos of brick walls, odd assortments of junk on a shelf, or weird eye-charts helpful when choosing how to spend my hard earned dollars on a new lens.

Flicker was great for finding how real people used different lenses, but I still couldn’t search those photos by EXIF data, to see different focal lengths, or apertures. I wanted to build a tool to help photographers make better decisions.

Why should you use Lens vs. Lens?
• See real life examples of the photos taken by different lenses.
• Filter those photos by aperture and focal length.
• Compare photos of a 28mm prime lens to a 18-55mm zoom set at 28mm.
• Compare photos taken by lense at wide open apertures to see if one is “softer” than another.
• See photo examples of a zoom at it’s widest and longest focal lengths.

How to use Lens vs. Lens
1. Use the two select boxes at the top of the page to select your lens. Choose a make (Canon, Nikon, etc) to whittle down the massive list of lenses.
2. Press the Add a lens button.
3. Your lens and photos taken by that lens will appear on the page. (If you already have two lenses on the page, remove one with the X button.)
4. If you want to further refine your search, click the lenses Refine button.
5. You can refine the selection of lenses by aperture and focal length, if your lens is a zoom.
6. Search through the lenses in each column to see differences in the qualities of those photographs, click to zoom in, or see EXIF data.

For web geeks
Being a developer I took it as challenge to build something cool and learn some new skillz in the process. This app is built using the Flickr APIReact JS and the new WordPress API. Altogether a fun project.

Hope you enjoy Lens vs Lens!