Fuji x100 vs 23mm and a bunch of other primes

For photographers wanting to step into the Fuji line, there are a couple of different entry points that they can take advantage of. You can either go with an interchangeable lens system like the Fuji X-T2 or Fuji X-E3, or you can go for the more compact fixed lens option in one of the Fuji x100 cameras. The smaller x100 is what initially really got me excited about jumping into the Fuji world, I love the size and the photo quality is excellent.

Still when balancing a new purchase like that, I wonder if I’d find myself painted into a corner with a fixed x100. I LOVE the option to change lenses when the opportunity arises. The x100 has a 23mm f2 lens, which for the post part leaves me in my happy place: about a 35mm full frame equivalent.

So, if you’re comparison shopping you might want to explore picking up a Fuji xE camera and maybe a few lenses off eBay or craigslist, which would leave you in about the same place price-wise as picking up a new Fuji x100f.

First, check out comparisons between the x100 and the Fuji XF 23mm. Keep in mind that the XF 23mm lets you get to f1.4, a little wider open than the x100’s f2.

Then, of course you do have a couple options in widening and lengthening your x100 with the conversion lenses. The Tele Conversion Lens TCL-X100 (33mm) and Wide Conversion Lens WCL-X100 (19mm). Flickr didn’t have much following in the user groups for the conversion lenses, but here’s a comparison between the conversion lenses interchangeable equivalents, the XF 18mm F2 and XF 35mm F1.4:

That said, like many other things in life, it really just comes down to size. 🙂 If you’re looking for a more compact package, the x100 is going to be for you, and more flexibility, but with the compromise of lugging around a lens bag, you should get into an xT or xE with a few primes.

Here’s the link roundup:

I love the site Fuji vs Fuji here’s their breakdown: https://www.fujivsfuji.com/x100-s-t-vs-23mm-f1pt4/

This article is probably just going to make you want to buy ALL the lenses, but Zach Arias does a killer breakdown of fuji gear in his multi-part series: http://dedpxl.com/fuji-x-buyers-guide-part-2-lenses/